On-Demand Car Reconditioning & Detailing App

Welcome to reDUNNit Service Drive!

At reDUNNit, we firmly believe that the general public has no idea that the reconditioning services we offer even exist. People think they have to go to the body shop, make insurance claims, pay deductibles and be totally inconvenienced to have these types of services performed on their vehicles.

We’re striving to change this misconception. We know consumers will find great value in our quick turnaround, high quality repairs.
— reDUNNit Team

Here's How It Works


Your dealership/shop literally partners with reDUNNit to offer your customers the opportunity to keep one of their most prized possessions looking good.  You refer your customers with cosmetic damage to their vehicles to reDUNNit and we provide the professional technicians to complete the repairs. 


What's in it for the dealership?  A new profit center, at no monthly cost to you.  A referral fee/bird dog fee, whatever you prefer to call it, of 15% per completed job will be paid directly to you.  Just as your dealership pays a bird dog fee to folks who send business your way, we want to send money your way for referring our services.  Each month you'll receive a referral check for all jobs completed for customers that used your dealership as their 'referring shop'.  

For multi store dealers, we can white label the app to add your corporate logo (some assembly required, fees will apply), provide enhanced reporting and direct deposit for all transactions.  Let’s talk about the details.


Your shop's normal course of business looks something like this.....As a customer pulls into your service lane one of your service advisors greet them.  After discussing what brought the customer in that day, your service advisor does a walk-around of the vehicle and notes any existing damage (scratches, scuffed wheels, dents, damaged bumpers, torn seat).  This existing damage is then reported to the customer, thereby removing the dealership for any responsibilities for the existing damages. 

Here's where reDUNNit comes in.  During the customer/service advisor interaction, in cases where damage has been observed, the service advisor tells the customer how simple and affordable it is to have those cosmetic repairs taken care of via the reDUNNit app.  The advisor passes along the reDUNNit marketing brochure to the customer and tells them to use your dealership/shop as the 'referring shop'.  The brochure walks the customer step by step through how to setup an account and how to create a repair order.  Then it's up to the customer to follow through.  Truthfully, we aren't adding anything to your customer service advisors workload.  


What's the catch?

No catch.  The only thing we ask of you, the dealership, is that you recruit your existing vendors (paint, dents, wheels, interiors, pinstripes, keys, etc.) to participate in the program.  You've got the existing relationship with them, they'll listen to you.  Also, encourage them to recruit their technician friends to join the program as well!  

Can't we do this already?

You sure can!  However, we promise it's more time consuming, costly and frustrating than utilizing reDUNNit.  Currently, if your shop wants to profit on these services, your service advisor has to coordinate the interaction between customer and vendor, create ROs and POs, process invoices, etc.  With reDUNNit, after they introduce the customer to the app, your service advisor is done.  There's no setting up times and place, the customer deals directly with the technician via the app.  More importantly, there's no paperwork required - no ROs, no POs, no UH OHs, no invoices, no checks to create.

What's this program going to cost me?

Nothing.  You're providing us with prequalified leads and we're providing you a 15% referral fee for each completed job.  You're making money without spending it.

What does reDUNNit provide to the dealership?

  • Your commission check for all your referrals
  • Monthly report containing list of completed jobs, service type, technician and job profit
  • Marketing brochures
  • App maintenance and help desk services
  • Dispute resolution, as required

How does the 100% satisfaction guarantee work?

Our technicians work hard to fix their customer's vehicles and make them happy. If for any reason a customer feels the work completed is unsatisfactory, they can get in touch with reDUNNit directly and we’ll make sure it’s resolved.