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Imagine a mobile app with the ability to put you in direct contact with the best local paint repair techs

Literally at your fingertips on the ready. 

Welcome to reDunnit.

We are here to help save you the hassle of having to search and find a quality paint repair location or technician.  Our mobile app can get you in touch with local technicians in a matter of minutes.

reDUNNit has done all the heavy lifting to find the best technicians.  So when you’re ready, just click on the app, select paint repair service, find a tech near you, and get a quote. It is that easy. 

Life moves pretty fast these days and you need a service that can help keep pace when your vehicle is in need of some TLC.  Plus, the app is free to use and accessible for iOS and Android smart phones.



Local Service – High Quality Paint Repair

We are changing the game on searching and finding quality auto repair technicians.  No more having to do an online search, read reviews, call the location, set up an appointment to go in for a quote, and hope that paint repairs meet your standards.

We have turned the tables. The technicians on our app have come to us. They want to service you and all your paint repair needs.

And we don’t just include any and all local service technicians. We make sure they have a solid background in their selected fields of auto repair using a comprehensive business profile. Ultimately it comes down to you feeling comfortable that the work will be done right, and your vehicle looking amazing again.

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Free to Download – Easy to Use for Paint Repair

Download your free version of reDUNNit today.

The next time your paint repairs, the service will be at your fingertips and ready when you are.  Start today and be on your way to a quick fix!