Technician Introduction

Did you know that there are over 260 million vehicles in the US? How about the fact that franchise dealerships sold about 14 million new cars last year, and another 38.5 million used cars were sold by private individuals or dealerships? So what’s the big deal? Who cares? You, as an automotive reconditioning specialist should! Read on and we’ll tell you why.

There’s a massive market of cars (260 million) and their owners need your help. But there’s one small problem - most car owners don’t even know you exist!

Ask around and you’ll find out just like we did -- people have no idea that hard-working entrepreneurs like yourself are plugging away each day at reconditioning jobs like painting bumpers, fixing dents, windshields, and leather seats. The common misconception it that this kind of work happens in body shops and dealerships, and that it requires insurance and stacks of cash to get anything accomplished.

Imagine if there was a way for you to tap into that market on your own. To book business on-demand without the constraints of a service department or body shop. To accept the jobs you want and decline the jobs you don’t. To work directly with customers and get paid immediately. All without the headache of opening and running your own shop.

Well, now there is. reDUNNit is an easy-to-use mobile app that helps customers find you on-demand.

When you create a free profile in reDUNNit, car owners in your area can find you, see your endorsements, book your services through the app, and pay same-day.  By working directly with the consumer, you end up taking home 15-30% more per job than you would in a volume environment.

If it sounds too good to be true, it’s not. reDUNNit founder Steve Sartain has worked as an auto reconditioning tech, painting bumpers and buffing scratches for over 14 years and knows the challenges of the business firsthand. He built this app on a mission to make it easier for fellow techs to make a living doing what you love.

Says Steve, “The big benefit is not so much the increased pay per job. That's nice, for sure, but we’re creating a way for the general public to hire techs directly to fix their cars. Techs can work their normal day and they get alerted when someone wants a repair. They can then fit it in accordingly. Pretty well everybody has gaps during the week, but until now, there’s been no consistent way to fill those gaps.”  

Imagine, working a few more jobs to the tune of $300/week filling in those gaps. That’s roughly $15,000 over the course of the year without adding an additional dealership.

Steve’s made sure that the app solves some of the main challenges you face as a tech.

With reDUNNit, you have the ability to take credit cards (which you can’t do at a dealer), and you don’t have to pay credit card fees (reDUNNit covers the processing and fees for you). You also don’t have to think about or spend money on advertising or marketing because local car owners can automatically find you once you create your profile in the app (reDUNNit covers the marketing/advertising for you). Your services and reviews do the talking for you.

Plus, you get paid quickly and securely right in the app.

Says Steve, “I've got accounts that are consistently 60 days out and others that short pay invoices. With the app, we can get our money in a day.”

When you work with reDUNNit, you get to work directly with the consumer, instead of going through a dealership or body shop. That means you’re working with people who value and appreciate your time and services, versus people who expect it, you can charge more working retail than working in a volume environment for every appointment you book, and you’re getting paid ON TIME!

Ready to book more business? Give reDUNNit a try for free today. Simply click here to download the app and follow the easy steps to create your technician profile.

Steve Sartain