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From paintless dent repair and bumper paint repair to window tinting and graphics, reDUNNit will make your car feel better than new.  Our on-demand technicians are experts at restoring and renewing your ride, inside and out.

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Our techs can handle any reconditioning repair your car needs.

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reDUNNit is the fastest, easiest, and most affordable way to get your car looking and feeling new again. Skip the hassle (and price tag) of traditional body shops and insurance claims, and find your car's new best friend. 


Some of our most popular services:


100% Money Back Guarantee


If you're unsatisfied with your reDUNNit service for any reason, we'll refund your money, no questions asked.



What is reDUNNit?

reDUNNit is an easy-to-use mobile app that connects car owners to expert technicians. In just a few simple steps, you’ll find local techs who can repair, restore, and renew your car on YOUR time.  

What exactly is auto reconditioning?

Car dealerships’ secret weapon! You can have access to the same group of technicians that dealerships utilize to make their used cars and in some cases new cars stand tall on the lot. These guys transform tired, worn looking trade-ins into frontline, retail ready units in just hours. Plus, work performed by techs doesn't get reported to Carfax.  So when you're ready to trade in your vehicle at the dealership, your reconditioning work doesn't count against you in an appraisal.

How does the app work?

Download the free app on iOS or Android. Turn on your location settings and easily find a technician nearby. Allow access to your camera and upload pictures of the damage or item you want fixed or updated. Start a chat with your tech, get a price estimate on the service, and schedule a time to bring in your car. Once they complete the service (usually within the same day!), you’ll submit payment securely through the app.

Why do you need my credit card?

Simple, so you can pay the tech for the repair(s) you have done.  No need to worry with carrying cash or whether or not a personal check will be accepted.

How do I know the payment is secure?

All reDUNNit payments are processed through Stripe, one of the most secure payment softwares in the world. Stripe has the most stringent level of security certification available in the payments industry.

How does the 100% satisfaction guarantee work?

Our technicians work hard to fix your car and keep you happy. If for any reason you feel the work completed is unsatisfactory, please get in touch with reDUNNit and we’ll make sure it’s resolved.